Maternity Style

I see so many cute, stylish pregnant women on Pinterest and all over the internet. Thank God for technology helping us navigate a stage that can be awkward for us and our wardrobes. For me, I was able to wear all of my normal clothes the entire first trimester. When the second trimester rolled around, like clockwork, my pants stopped zipping and buttoning. I am definitely a pants person so I sought after a few basic maternity pant staples to compliment my many tops that still fit. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money of pants that a) I would only wear for a couple of months; and b) I assumed weren’t going to look that great anyways.

My bestie, Calla, told me that her favorite maternity jeans were from Gap and also that H&M had great maternity wear. My very favorite pants were the ones from H&M (see pants #1 & #2 in the picture below). The elastic waist goes all the way over the belly and looked great from the time I was hardly showing all the way to the end. I got a pair of navy, skinny jeans and a pair of hunter green pants. I liked the pants from Gap (see pants #3), but the lower, elastic waist didn’t work well for me. I felt like they were digging into my belly a little bit. They were also REALLY baggy on me as a size 2. However, they were absolutely my favorite pants postpartum, once I didn’t have a pregnant belly but still had the weight I had gained during my pregnancy. I couldn’t quite fit into my regular jeans yet, and the H&M ones were too big at that point.

maternity pants

Remember that immediately after birth, you will still want to hang onto your maternity clothes for a bit! I imagine the length of time is different for everyone. Personally, I had gained 50 pound (apart from my baby boy!) and those baggy Gap jeans were fitting just right at that point!

Other amazing staples are, of course, leggings and skirts. If you are on a budget like I was, I would just recommend focusing on the bottom half and making due with the tops that you already have. It’s also a good way to ensure that you are staying true to your own style, which will make you the most comfortable, which will help you to feel beautiful!

Rocking one of my regular black T-shirts and a comfy skirt at 7 months
Rocking a black T-shirt and a comfy skirt at 7 months pregnant.

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