Baby Products: Must-haves for Birth to 3 Months

There seems to be billions of baby toys and gadgets for babies and it can be incredibly overwhelming to navigate what you need, what would be nice, and what you can definitely do without. I’m going to give an overview of my experience that will hopefully help you navigate your own needs.

  1. Bassinet: I did a lot of research online and decided on the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play. It keeps your LO at a 30 degree angle (perfect for avoiding infant reflux), automatically rocks for 6 hours or 30 minutes, fits in tight spaces, and folds up easily, making it perfect for travel. Another option is a co-sleeper if you feel comfortable bringing your baby in bed with you.
  2. Car seat: A carrier/stroller combo is so easy! Before your baby is able to sit up, you’re going to want to bring him around in a carrier. Ours clicks right into a base that is hooked up in the car (our hospital had a class that showed my husband how), pops out, and can click into a jogging stroller! Don’t forget you will want to wait a few weeks before your baby is ready to go jogging though… You will probably both be ready around the same time.

    Taking Isaiah on a stroll around the neighborhood in the carrier/stroller.
  3. Swaddles: Velcro swaddles were a life-saver for us because we couldn’t get the hang of regular swaddles and these were a cinch!
  4. Swing: We found one that swings side to side that was best for us. Make sure you check out Happiest Baby on the Block to understand how your baby is feeling in the first 3 months and how to comfort him or her (you can get the bullet points from Pinterest). Swinging is a big part of it, as is…


  5. Sound machine: You’re going to want one for white noise while the baby is sleeping. Even more clutch, we found a FREE app called “Sleep Baby” that plays a hair dryer noise that would put the little man right to sleep ANYWHERE.
  6. Breast pump: This was one of those things I figured I wouldn’t need for a couple of weeks since I would be focusing on breastfeeding and getting that down. However, I was worried about my milk coming in and started to use the breast pump early which encouraged the milk to come early. My milk starting coming in an hour after using the pump.
  7. Changing supplies: Diapers! Wipes! Butt Paste is our favorite diaper cream – my LO only had two minor diaper rashes in 5+ months!

There are a lot of other baby items that make life easier from the start but these are the absolute cannot-do-withouts. Feel free to add any items that you have learned from your experience!

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