Hello Friends!

My name is Holly Montag. I am branching out for the first time into the blogosphere to share my life with anyone who might be interested to know more about my experience in this life. I have typically shied away from being open and vulnerable to the public in the past, not thinking that I have anything to share that people might want to hear. However, I am about a month away from having my first baby which has inhibited my ability to work and I need to stay productive for my sanity!

Also, truth be told, I am hoping that as I enter the world of motherhood I will find support in the internet community and that others can share with me their experiences in motherhood. I am beyond excited at the prospect of being a mommy and am looking forward to the challenges and joys that lie ahead!

Another area of great importance to me is my sobriety. This is something I have not yet disclosed to the public but feel that there are so many people out there who have shared my struggles in addiction (and sobriety) and I aim to foster a safe place where others can share their experience, strength, and hope.

Some of you might already have a glimpse into my life from my brief stints in reality television, others might have briefly crossed paths with me, but I hope that those who read this blog will come to truly know me and my heart as do my friends and family. I want to be totally authentic with my past, present, and future and invite everyone to do the same.

God bless!






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